1. The Chrysalis is designed for youth ages 15 – 18 and in grades 9 through 12.
  2. Before sponsoring consider your commitment to the following:
    1. Please prayerfully consider whether the person you would like to sponsor would make a good Pilgrim before approaching him/her about the weekend.
    2. You are required to attend the Saturday Night Candlelight Service, and assure that the parents will attend as well. (More information will be in your Sponsorship Packet)
    3. Please make sure that the Candidate and his/her parents/guardians understand that the Weekend is three days long, starting on Friday, and that they will need to be excused from school.
    4. Your Candidate is expected to make a complete commitment to attending the Chrysalis Weekend in its entirety except for a dire emergency.
    5. You are responsible to make sure the candidate is at the church by 9:00 am on Friday morning.
  3. Applications are available on line http://www.billingschrysalis.com/app1/ or at Chrysalis gatherings, from Adult Leaders, Youth Leaders, Chrysalis Board Members, and the Chrysalis Registration Chairperson.
  4. Sponsors should not sponsor more than two candidates per Chrysalis Weekend.
  5. After completing the application you must download and have the Medical Release form completely filled out and the signed by the applicant and one of his/her parents (or legal guardians) before they may attend the Chrysalis Weekend.
  6. When you receive a completed application, and a filled out and signed “Medical Authorization Form” send it immediately to REGISTRATION:
    Yellowstone Valley Chrysalis Community
    P.O. Box 1975
    Billings, MT 59103

We do not charge for Chrysalis weekends. A donation of $85 to cover the cost of your candidate’s weekend would be appreciated.

Registration Form